June 9,2012 Sat   1pm              Everts Tri County Park              Edwards,MS

June 16,2012 Sat 9pm                Elk's Lodge                              Mobile,AL       

June 17,2012 Sun 3pm               Canton Blues Fest                   Canton,MS

June 22,2012 Fri  4pm                Foster Farm                        Tuscaloosa,AL

June 23,2012 Sat 6pm                Florida Theater                   Jacksonville,FL   

June 29,2012 Fri   9pm                Grays Club                           Holly Grove,AR

June 30,2012 Sat 6pm               The State Theater                   Albany,GA

July 1,2012 Sun  7pm                      Shiloh                              Baton Rouge,LA

July 3,2012 Tues 8pm            The New House of Jocks          Dallas,TX

July 4,2012 Wed 4pm             Another Level                        Newton,MS

July 5,2012 Thurs 8pm                 Crossroad                          Mayhew,MS

July 6,2012 Fri 6pm                       Oasis                              West Point,MS

July 7,2012 Sat  6pm               Cotton Valley Fest                Cotton Valley,LA

July14,2012 8pm          Leflore County Civic Center              Greenwood,MS

July 27,2012 10pm                   Manhattan                             Dallas,Tx

July 29,2012 8pm                       Club Ice                              Fortworth,TX

August 3,2012 9                        Club Event                          Shreveport,LA           

August 4,2012 Sat 9pm                IOOF Lodge                          Ennis,TX

August 10,2012 Fri 10pm            PP's Lounge                         Longveiw,TX

August 11,2012 Sat 9pm           Taylor Union Hall                   Louisville,MS

Sept 1,2012 Sat 3pm                Sweet Home Fest                  Little Rock,AR

Sept 8,2012 Sat 8pm              Union Town City Fest             Union Town,AL

Sept 15,2012 Sat 9pm     Rose Sharon Magonic Hall Lounge       Flint,MI

Oct 13,2012 Sat 8pm          The Vineyard of Florence              Florence,TX

Oct 20,2012 Sat 10pm              Club Event                             Scooba,MS

Oct 21,2012 Sun 9pm               Birthday Event                        Albany,GA

Nov 22,2012 Thurs10am            Omega Center                      St,Louis,Mo

                                  MORE SHOWS WILL BE ADDED VERY SOON


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